About IERI: The IEA-ETS Institute

IERI is a collaborative effort between the Research & Development Division at ETS and IEA that focuses on improving the science of large-scale assessments.

IERI undertakes activities around three broad areas of work that include:

  • Research studies related to the development and implementation of large-scale assessments;
  • Professional development and training; and
  • Dissemination of research findings and information gathered through large-scale assessments.

IERI undertakes research activities that address issues surrounding large-scale assessments such as IEA-TIMSSIEA-PIRLSOECD-PISAUS-NAEPOECD-PIAAC, IALS, ALL, etc.

News & Events

IERI Autumn Academy 2023
Item Response Theory and Population Modeling in Large-scale Assessments.
IEA Hamburg, Germany (12–14 December 2023).

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IERI Winter Academy 2024
Multilevel Models using International Large-scale Assessment Databases.
IEA Hamburg, Germany (10–12 January 2024).

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Celebrating 10 Years
This year, the IERI journal celebrated its 10-year anniversary.